Want to waste a few hours at work… I mean at home?

Spotted: Celica Supra

celica supra

Decals anyone?

Can you have too many features listed on the stickers on your car?


I bet the owner was happy that this car did not have a variable valve timing as the sticker would probably had to be stretched to the second door for that 😀

Another S20 for sale!

I did not expect to see another one of these so soon.

Here’s the link to the aution page:

Blogroll added

For those who have not notice there has been a blogroll widget added with links to interesting/related blogs and web-sites.

Another local vintage beauty – who says you have to be a coupe or a cabrio to look good?

Ford Falcon Vintage Beauty Ute

Spotted: Vintage beauty.

Spotted the following car on the highway recently – hopefully the owner can bring it to its former glory.